Sell digital products easily and safely

We believe there is a big hole in the market for simple, inexpensive, and scalable digital file delivery.

We already know that building your own file delivery system isn't any fun - you have to integrate with PayPal1 IPN, set up a secured and protected file host, and deal with e-mail issues.
And then you have to maintain it. Hosted file delivery is a much more cost effective option.

We've used extensively in the past, but that 10-25% monthly charge on top of the PayPal™ transaction fees hurts pretty bad!
After almost a year of searching for an inexpensive digital delivery service, we've decided to write our own, and share it with the world.

With the release of Amazon's scalable S3 file hosting and Google's App Engine, the pieces are now available to run a fast, scalable, hosted file delivery system.

Interested in becoming part of the beta test? E-mail moc.daolnwodlapyap|pungisateb#moc.daolnwodlapyap|pungisateb!

Updated 5/1/2009: In the meantime, take a look at E-junkie ($5/mo).

Easy to use

We like things that are simple to use. will make it easy for both merchants and customers.

Posting a new product should take less than 30 seconds - Enter its name, price, and file - and get a usable URL back instantly.

Purchasing a product is simple - when the user clicks the 'buy' link on your website, they will be redirected to PayPal™ so they can enter their username and password or credit card information.
As soon as they complete the purchase, they will be e-mailed a download link that expires after a certain amount of time.


We've got lots of important features on the TODO list: product versioning, foreign currency support, customized e-mails, instructions, change log support, optional free upgrade mailings.


Customers enter all their information at - where it's safe and secure. It's transferred directly to your account. (We don't have a proxy account).

Download links expire after a certain (configurable) amount of time.

Human Support

Customer service is important to us - We'll make sure your issues are addressed quickly and promptly. We're already monitoring moc.daolnwodlapyap|troppus#moc.daolnwodlapyap|troppus

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